Monday, September 19, 2011

SuDoong Partowiryo Watukali.

I love challenge. 

So few a days ago, when someone ask me whether I could make a characterized plush. I say Yes! 

He wants to give a small birthday present for his girlfriend who adores Doong Doong: a cartoon character from Korea (cmiiw). 

I ask him to gave me time so I can try to make something. A small cushion or small plush to be hanged on something. 

But since I’ve never seen Doong Doong ‘personally’, don’t like eat kimchi, so when the plush finished, he doesn’t very look alike Doong Doong very much. 
Maybe this because he was born in Solo, never went to Seoul, and prefer gado-gado rather than Kimchi  like me. Hohoho…. 

Anyhow, he smile alots, sleep late, likes to nimble chocolate and banana, and accompany me  supervisze the store. And as he was born in Solo and love to swim in Bengawan Solo, his name become SuDoong Partowiryo Watukali.

Sudoong posing in front of Doong Doong Picture
He enjoy acompany me supervising the store

His head is pierced

oh, well....